Megan Basnett Psy.D.

  • Anxiety ( generalized, social, panic disorder), perinatal mental health, infertility/pregnancy loss/family building

Allison Bitz, Ph.D.

  • Depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, LGBTQ/queer populations

Drew Buss

  • Mindfulness-based treatment of anxiety, depression, anger, and stress

Jennifer Brown

  • postpartum, mood disorders, anxiety, older adults, caregivers

Seth Brown

  • trauma, neurofeedback, EMDR, brainspotting

Carrie Bobenhausen

Beth Burkstrand-Reid

  • Anxiety, women’s issues, and university student/faculty/staff mental health

Kristal Flaming

  • Grief, gender, sexuality

Tina Hoffman Ph.D

  • assessments, bipolar, trauma recovery, adult women with high functioning autism

Carey Kalkwarf

  • Perinatal mental health (pregnancy, postpartum), trauma, depression

Ashlee Reed

  • Expertise with grief, anxiety, women’s issues, perinatal/postpartum mood and anxiety struggles, life adjustments/life transitions, and is a proud LGBTQ+ ally.

John Odell

Leslie Richardson

Jennifer Rokeby-Mayeux

  • Perinatal mental health, health concerns, women

William Sanford (Omaha)

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy, trauma, depression, anxiety, men’s issues, LGBTQ+ friendly

Erica Sullivan

  • addiction, mood & anxiety disorders (adults)

Melissa Thorne

  • EMDR, depression, anxiety, addiction issues

Daniel Tipton (Omaha)

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Hollie Urbauer

  • complex trauma, dual disorders, attachment wounds (adults primarily)

Sage Nutrition

  • Sage Nutrition provides individualized nutrition counseling and resources to cultivate a positive relationship with food and body through evidence-based and therapeutic approaches to individuals of all ages, genders, cultures, and backgrounds

Patty Martinez

  • trauma, women’s issues, multicultural

Gillian Jenkins

  • Over a decade of experience providing services for children and families dealing with mood disorders, ADHD, trauma, and abuse.