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If you’re in a relationship…

It can be discouraging if your partner or spouse isn’t ready for couples counseling. But the good news is that there are ways you can make a difference in your relationship. Whether you need ways to deal with challenging interactions or see things you want to fix about yourself, a solo relationship intensive can equip you with solutions.

If you’re single…

Whether you’re jumping back into the dating world or in a newly committed relationship, there are tools you can use to build meaningful, committed relationships. We’ll walk through techniques to strengthen friendship, navigate conflict, and create shared meaning in your next relationship.

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Why an intensive?

Move quickly.

Intensives are structured to kickstart growth. The longer format allows us to dig down to the root of your challenges and develop solutions faster.

Maximize convenience.

Finding time for weekly therapy can be challenging. Intensives allow you to quickly make progress with minimal interruption to your other roles and responsibilities.

Feel empowered.

You’re ultimately responsible for your own actions and responses. By understanding yourself and learning how healthy relationships work, you’ll learn ways you can make a difference.

Intensive agenda

Get to know you.

We’ll start by digging into your background and discussing the challenges that brought you into therapy.

Create a plan of action.

Then, we’ll create a plan with concrete steps you can take to strengthen your friendship, successfully navigate conflict, and build a sense of shared meaning with your partner—or with partners in the future.

Is this right for you?

It may be if…

You feel stuck.

What you’ve been doing is not working. You can’t seem to get on the same page as your partner, or all your relationships seem to end with frustration and heartache.

You’re willing to do the work.

You desire to feel connected to your spouse or partner again, and you want to do what it takes to get there—even if they won’t come to therapy.

You want to move quickly.

You desire to feel connected to your spouse or partner again, and you want to do what it takes to get there—even if they won’t come to therapy.

Ongoing Support

Some individuals choose to continue regular therapy after intensives to keep digging into the issues they uncover and maintain progress. The solo relationship intensive can lay the foundation for successful weekly to monthly therapy.


I feel like there’s no way forward in our relationship. Is this even worth it?

Absolutely. As long as you’re motivated and willing to try something new, there’s hope for change. If you have a specific scenario you’d like to discuss before booking a solo relationship intensive, please feel free to reach out with questions.

Can I use my insurance?

This service does not qualify for insurance at this time.

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