Premarital Counseling

Create a lifetime of connection.

“I do” is a big step.

Committing to a lifetime of love and partnership through marriage is an exciting milestone in your relationship. You may be daydreaming about your wedding or plans for your life together. As you imagine what the future holds, it’s a good time to intentionally strengthen your connection and learn techniques to stay close for decades.

Cultivate long-term happiness.

Like anything that’s worthwhile, marriages need proactive work. According to The Gottman Institute, premarital counseling leads to higher satisfaction and resilience to stress in the future. We’ll review the tools you can use to keep your connection strong and avoid relationship pitfalls. In our premarital counseling session, you’ll get proven techniques to stay crazy in love (without driving each other crazy).

Grow your connection

Keep the spark alive long-term

Know how to navigate difficult seasons

Shape your future together

hands intertwined on table
hands intertwined on table

How Premarital Counseling Works

01) Get to know you.

Before premarital counseling, you’ll each complete an individual questionnaire from the Gottman Institute. You’ll get a shortened copy of the results, and the insights will help us start in the right place.

02) Review insights.

Next, we’ll dive into ways to make your relationship even stronger and tackle any topics you want to talk about. We’ll also give you some heads up on any trouble spots to watch out for based on your personalities and needs.

03) Give you tools.

Then, we’ll walk through specific concepts and tools you can use throughout your life to strengthen your marriage and stay connected—even as you navigate more complicated seasons.

Areas we cover

Our sessions are based on proven principles of Gottman couples counseling. All the tools we cover have been developed over four decades of research with over 3,000 couples. You’ll be equipped with activities and approaches to strengthen the three pillars of a successful relationship.


Keep your connection strong and stable for years.


Navigate frustration in a healthy and beneficial way.

Shared meaning

Develop a life together that’s filled with a shared purpose.