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Restorative Experience

53-Minute Sessions

113-Minute Sessions

173-Minute Sessions

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We’ll start with a 10-minute consultation call to ensure we’re a good fit. Then, each partner will complete an individual questionnaire from the Gottman Institute. You’ll get a shortened copy of the results, and the insights will help us start in the right place in your first session.


Session 1: We all meet together.

Session 2: I will meet partner A one-to-one.

Session 3: I will meet with partner B one-to-one

Session 4: We will review your Gottman Connect Assessment results and tie in your interviews to identify the starting treatment goals.


Session 5 and later: We will begin working on the primary goals using relevant Gottman Couples Therapy interventions. We’ll start on betrayal work, if applicable.


Sessions will decrease to bi-weekly, monthly, every six months, and annual maintenance based upon progress toward treatment goals


I’m Jennifer.

Jennifer Manche, LICSW

I love helping couples and individuals find happiness and peace in their lives. I’m here to help you feel better, strengthen your relationships, and create a life you’re excited about.


A couples therapy intensive is a great way to get nearly twenty sessions worth of therapy in just two days. Even if you want to do regular, weekly couples therapy, it can be a great way to kickstart growth. We’ll move more quickly into areas of relational difficulty and potential solutions.


My partner doesn’t want to do the intensive. Should I push them to do it?

Let’s chat. This is a format for motivated couples, but I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns that your partner may have. Solo Relationship Intensives are an alternative.

I feel like there’s no way forward in our relationship. Is this even worth it?

Absolutely. As long as you’re motivated and willing to try something new, there’s hope for change. I’ve worked with many couples who felt this way at the beginning and have been able to overcome relational obstacles together.

Can I use my insurance?


What should we expect in the first hour?

I’m going to be curious about your relationship. I want to hear your stories. For example:

  • How did you first meet, and what were your first impressions of one another?
  • Before you were a committed couple, what were the highlights, the tensions, and the things you did together?
  • How did the two of you decide to commit to one another? Was it a hard decision? Were you in love? What led you to decide your partner was the one?
  • What was your commitment ceremony/wedding like?
  • How did the first year of marriage go?
  • If parents, how did that transition go? What was it like for the two of you then and now?
  • Looking back, what moments in your relationship really stand out as good times?
  • Looking back, what moments in your relationship really stand out as bad times?
  • How has your relationship changed since committing to one another?
  • What do you think makes relationships work? How would you compare your relationship to others’?
  • What was your parents’ relationship like? In what ways is yours similar or dissimilar?
  • What are your partner’s current worries, stresses, hopes, and dreams? What are your routines for staying in emotional contact?
What should I expect during my solo interview?

More curiosity from me:

  • Tell me all about your family.
  • History of prior relationships.
  • History of prior therapy.
  • What are your hopes and expectations of the relationship and therapy?
  • How do you weigh staying in the relationship vs. getting out of the relationship?
  • Any obstacles to commitment or trust.
  • Any other history you feel is connected to your relationship.

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